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New state-of the art R&D centre for EVVE


Evve International opened its new R&D Center in United Kingdom, Mr. Chris Newman, its director, states the importance of the Group’s innovation policy and explains how this new location is a key issue for the growth strategy of Evve International 

What does this new R&D center represent for Evve International?

First, Evve Systems, Survaillance and Reader are very innovation-driven companys: we spend more money every year on R&D. Consecration of our innovation efforts, for the third consecutive year. For us, innovation goes hand in hand with business development.

Secondly,Middle East and Asia is central to the Group's growth strategy. Let's recall that Asia represented around 10% of our sales in 2014 when EVVE became an independent company; the figure is now more than 20%, and it will reach 25% by 2016. Clearly it had become necessary to bring to our customers ithe technical and scientific support that is a cornerstone of the Group.

From this new base EVVE has the potential and the target to devlop innovatieve products to serve the security markt

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