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Evve Smart Light-bar Solution


               The " EVVE SMART LIGHT-BAR SOLUTION "




The EVVE SMART POLICE LIGHT-BAR, the Vehicle Integrated System for the Tracking and Acquisition of vehicles is now fully integrated in a Freedom lightbar mounted on police cars capturing plate numbers during entire shifts.If a suspect number plate number is read, audible and visual alarms alert the officer within seconds of the vehicle being seen. High Definition (HD) Cameras, a processing unit and ANPR proprietary software, allow end users to capture images of number plates and instanta- neously compare them with Hot List records to identify vehicles of interest. This highly advanced Automatic System reads plates day or night, from all European and most foreign countries including Arabic characters.

For capturing excellent quality EVVE READER images at high speed, cameras perform brilliantly. Using high shutter speeds, motion blur is effectively eliminated even at approaching speeds of 200mph by delivering up to 50 images per second. The onboard cameras can recognize vehicle plates at up to 30 meters with the help of crystal clear optics and through the use of multiple pulsed high-intensity IR LEDs.

The EVVE SMART POLICE LIGHT-BAR, is a unique system with unique capabilities, many of which are much more advanced than features of other mobile EVVE READER systems.Main features available on the system include a more intuitive user interface, increased and enhanced hot list flexibility, real time informa- tion. server exchange information between Operation Center and patrol vehicle, between the vehicle and Operation Center and within thewhole LE community.Information gathered through the system by reading every alphanumeric character or symbol and line on the license plate EVVE EYE HD ANPR digital cameras can capture nearly twice the physical area and that means more information for the operator.While typically images taken with analog camer- as show little more than the license plate, EVVE EYE HD ANPR cameras show the plate, a signifi- cant portion of the car and part of the car’s surroundings - day or night - and in any weather. Lanes of traffic from single camera accurate direction vectors USA and GCC small-type fonts Standards)


The EVVE SMART POLICE LIGHT-BAR, captures thousands of number plates during a shift. Data recorded for each includes date and time stamp, photo of the vehicle and its immediate area, and GPS coordi- nates. After action analysis of this data from relevant periods of time can lead to:

Witness identification Watch List development Placing suspect at a scene Terrorist interdiction Pattern recognition


Traditional ‘look forward’ cameras have a limited field of view. To achieve comprehensive surveillance, typically multiple cameras must be deployed. Movable cameras can patrol large areas, but with the compromise that they are prone to miss events which occur while they are looking elsewhere.

EVVE 360° smart cameras capture their entire surrounding view without compromise. They can directly replace fixed or moveable cameras, seeing more and missing less. The main features include: remove mirror vibration and FOV Control location if GPS data available 360° TAG by time, field and direction of view