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Evve Ton

EVVE TON is the monitoring application which is a extra option for our Evve Reader product range:

Evve Ton, presents an overview what is happening at the location or at different locations in a group


In the management layer the costumer can easily add and amend different formats of black and white lists

The systems is designed so thats it is easy to work for everybody with all the different  formats.

The management layer makes it easy and safe for user to operate with our software, whilst making it secure against users deleting or amending images or data. In this way the system protects clients against errors or fraud. The software can be configured in different languages.  The software is built to be user friendly, to make it easy to operate and configure.

In the software it is possible to:

  • Open or close barriers
  • Add or amend black or white lists
  • Give authorisation for entry or exit of vehicles
  • Make fields for possible alarms
  • Sent message to LED/VMS screens
  • Sent alarms to control units