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Evve Reader Engine

Evve Reader  is powerful OCR and automatic plate detection software program designed for license plate recognition, for a wide range of applications in car access, traffic control and  enforcement. It is hardware independent and it has been designed to offer high reliability results in different environments and with many different styles and states of licence plates. Our Engine is written in Java and in C++ the software can be embedded in the camera or in a server. 

  • Fast Recognition performance
    Fast license plate reading to achieve the best performance in different environments and applications
  • Integrated posible with every camera brand
    We can connect with every ANPR camera on the market.   We recommend cameras from our technical partner: SAMSUNG TECHWIN
  • High Reliability
    Advanced recognition algorithms, whose effectiveness has been proven worldwide. We are never satisfied with just high accuracy, we aim to be better every day!
  • Complete set of reading
    Country recognition together with the license plate number
  • Multi-Country Recognition Quercus First 
    License plate recognition from multiple countries at the same time.We developed a new technology that helps reading plates from around the World
  • Smart Engine
    The system is capable of making decisions based on likely syntaxes and outputs. It is also a self learning system so it learns from errors and adapts. The engine has average plate detection above 98% (in the right set-up and right camera) It can also produce correct accuracy of above 98%, The highest correct readings available in the industry.
  • We read many frames as possible and than select the best picture
    Best license plate result by selecting the best choice from a set of   images taken for the same car all done under 200ms
  • Auto thresholding
    Advanced image treatment algorithms to minimize light reflections   and shadows on license plates

Software license - No USB dongle required

  • New supported software protection
  • Multithread processing
  • Multiple license plate reading in the same image
  • Fast recognition
  • New countries added
  • New HD cameras  added (1 camera =  2 lanes =  1 license)