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Evve Reader

Evvedata has released the latest versions of the new Evve reader ANPR Engine. This new engine is the result of more than 4 years of development from one of the most experienced development teams in the ANPR Industry.

Evve reader is the first ANPR engine developed from scratch to be designed to work with high resolution digital as well as PAL or NTSC video inputs. Because it has been designed to work with digital footage it has been proven to work well with video feeds in formats up to full HD standard (1920 x 1080P).

Whilst the engine will work with standard PAL and NTSC footage at resolutions as low as 320 x 240 and produce outstanding results, the greatest gains are seen at higher resolutions where the benefits of high resolution video inputs become clear:

  • Multiple Licence Plates in field of view – tested with up to 10 plates in view
  • Multi-lane capability – capable of reading three lanes of traffic from single camera
  • Bi-directional capability – with ability to provide accurate direction vectors
  • Small fonts read accurately including Italian, USA and Gulf small-type fonts
  • Fully NAAS Compliant (meets UK ACPO National Standards)
  • The engine itself has been written to be relatively impervious to different fonts and syntaxes to allow simple multi country capabilities. Whilst some syntax assistance can produce more accurate results the level of assistance can be varied and high accuracy in border situations can be assured.

The Evve reader engine is neither template matching nor neural network but has the best characteristics of each:

  • Highly accurate
  • Simple to set up and install
  • Font sympathetic (including some italic fonts)
  • Multi-Country capable

Because the engine is not reliant on either templates or neural nets, the setting up of systems in new location or new countries does not require months of system training or new font set development for each country.

The Evve reader engine is capable of reading some Arabic Licence Plates and has already been installed into the UAE where it is reading both Arabic and “European” style fonts simultaneously whilst producing single outputs from Licence plates where both styles are present.

The Evve reader engine has also been developed for use in handheld devices, running on Android in free-running format, producing a far more accurate and simple to use solution for handheld devices than any previous ANPR engine.

In real-world use, ruggedized handheld devices running on the Android platform are producing frame rates of up to 15 frames per second at 640 x 480 resolution in free running mode. This allows the user to scan in real time in free-flow mode rather than having to take individual pictures and wait for the result.

Existing developers can/have integrated the SDK into their own applications running on Windows, Linux and Android as well as embedded versions of these operating systems.